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Features of Services and Solutions

MCI is a digital marketing specialist company focusing on the pharmaceutical industry. Specializing in digital marketing with a particular emphasis on owned media, we provide client companies with practical solutions, for which we have a proven track record.


We are able to offer an agile and flexible response to client needs, thanks to our comprehensive in-house resources

Consultants, Data Scientists specializing in digital marketing
Medical Planners, Creative Directors skilled in digital expression
Website Administrative Office well-versed in the administration of owned media
System Developers with proven proficiency in reinforcing platforms


Analyzing industry issues and physicians’ needs via publication of the “Multimedia White Paper on Physicians”



Developing a wide range of web-based services in response to physicians’ needs

  • Exclusive agency in Japan for the digital content of the highly regarded general medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine

  • Provider of the medical Ad Network4)

  • Supplier of recommendation engines designed to provide personalized content to member physicians

In addition, we have an unrivalled track record of service schemes tailored to the strategic needs of each client company

1)The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), published by the Massachusetts Medical Society, is a peer-reviewed medical journal with a history of more than 200 years, and is among the most highly regarded in the world.
2)Nikkei Medical is a general medical information website operated by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
3)MTPro is a medical information website operated by Medical Tribune, Inc.
4)We operate our proprietary Ad (advertising) Network, which is affiliated with leading medical websites, including Nikkei Medical and MTPro.
5)Rtoaster is a web platform/recommendation engine provided by Brain Pad Inc. Acting as this company’s agency, we offer customized versions of Rtoaster to clients in the pharmaceutical industry.


Providing the KZN, an eCRM platform that links Sales Reps with owned media

  • E-mail marketing function linked with the member physician database and recommendation engines

  • Dashboard function that feeds back the physician’s usage status to the sales rep in charge

  • Online to Offline (O2O) e-Detailing function, etc. from the sales rep to the physician1)

1)iPad-compatible for quick operation, even during a discussion


Medical Collective Intelligence