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Features of Services and Solutions


Medical specialist staff & proven track record

  • We handle an annual average of more than 400 marketing research projects in the pharmaceutical and medical device fields, and we are backed by a proven track record and unsurpassed expertise.

  • Staff members specialized in the pharmaceutical and medical device fields handle all phases of surveys from planning/design through interviews to reporting.


60,000 respondent physicians chosen specifically for conducting research
This provides us with a solid basis for conducting research, accommodating all survey needs

  • Our own survey respondents panel include many pharmacists, patients, and members of the general public as well as some 60,000 physicians.

  • Our proprietary resources allow us to conduct many different kinds of medical surveys, taking advantage of a wealth of target populations, methods, and regions.


Flexible and rapid response in accordance with the client’s requirements

We have proprietary resources required for all types of surveys, including a large pool of respondents, questionnaire systems, interviewers, and interview rooms. This environment allows us to respond to client requirements flexibly and promptly. Moreover, we continue to build our resources as we become the partner of choice for an increasing number of clients.